Find Your Faults in weight loss

I’ve struggled with weight issues my entire life! See I’m not your average tiny gal to begin with, I’ve always been on the thick side. 

I struggled with abuse in my past and as a result caused me to turn to over doing absolutely everything; including my eating! 

I’ve been up and down with my weight for over 10 years now, and I’m finally getting the pounds to come off at 28 years old. I have had 4 children in that time as well but there’s no excuse! 

I’ve learned that the longer you want to love your babies depends on your health! So it’s time for a change join me in my journey and let’s get back in shape together! 

First you want to find out what it is that best fits your “faults” for example; mine was over eating  and not eating enough of the good stuff, you know the greens and fruits and grains. 

Well Once you’ve become aware of your weaknesses you’ll be on your way to a better, smaller better yet HEALTHIER you! For me it wasn’t watching how much I ate to begin to start loosing the weight. 

It was what I was eating, WHAT I was putting into my body! The food choices i made had a lot to do with my weight beginning to fall off! 

I struggled with comfort foods and cravings for the most part! After I trained my body to get full off of the healthy foods I seen the results I wanted to see! This was definitely step one for me! 

I began to not like the foods that weren’t good for my body, and I never lost faith! This is still a battle for me to this day, but with continued education on the topic and admitting my faults I will continue to see the results I wish for! 💪🏽

The fight here is never giving up thats definitely step 2 for me! See you for my next topic on never giving up….

Craving tip: grab this blender and blend your favorite fruits and fruit juice and get full the healthy way instead of grabbing those candys and chocolates, click link below 👇🏽😘

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