Thanksgiving is coming up. Eeeeeek! Now for someone trying to lose weight this could be a scary thing. Or does it?

There are so many amazing meals this time of year, and for someone like me it’s a challenge. I picked up a few tricks along the way in my weight loss journey, so feel free to take notes lol! If you’re like me and come from a big family your Thanksgiving spread should look a lot like a buffet at a restaurant lol.

Well there are a few tricks you can do to brace and discipline yourself to continue to meet your weight loss goal. So first off you need to ask yourself exactly how many cousins or family members you’re going to visit this holiday! Yes, sometimes you get invited to more than one dinner around this time, well no worries here’s a tip to avoid eating too much.

Take the invite as your regular three-course meal ordeal. For example, say my God Mother Kelly invites me to her house for Thanksgiving dinner right after my best friend and the in-laws.Well no biggie right? Ha well not saying one persons cooking is better than the others.

But I can lets’ say, eat a small appetizer plate at aunt Kelly’s place. Maybe a salad or whatever other veggie or fruit dish she had prepared. Hit the words SMALL plate lol. Then at my besties ill eat a small meal plate, so your regular Thanksgiving fixings.

Few slices of turkey mixed with a veggie and light breaded dishes depending on what’s prepared. Then last, but not least, at the in-laws I would make a small desert plate, apple pie is my fav. Hehe. Hey once you think of it you have eaten a regular dinner meal but at 3 different invites!

Not only that, you have spread your meal out to train your body to not eat as much as usual! It’s a win win situation here guys! So this Thanksgiving don’t be scared when you get more than one invite, say sure I’ll be there!

Plus focus your mind on the real meaning of Thanksgiving and spend it with those you love and are most thankful for! Furthermore be confident and control your body, don’t let your body control you! Much love and until next time! Yours truly “momma on a mission”- shannon strain.

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